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Geert Graveland
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Geert Graveland
Professional Training & Coaching
Vision quest
  • Saturday 6 November 2021 — Wednesday 17 November 2021
  • Locatie: Portugal, Portugal
  • Prijs: Contact us about the costs
  • Maximaal 8 to 16 People
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Vision Quest Portugal


A Vison Quest is an inner journey into nature, a rite of passage. For one week you take leave of everything familiar. You sacrifice your time, telephone, computer, food and comfort to achieve a rich return on investment, such as new insights, wisdom, openness, vitality and inner power for both your personal and professional life. Four days and four nights all by yourself at your personal spot, in silence, on a mountain, in the woods or in an open valley. To fast, pray, dream and ask for a vision. To open yourself to receive new and unexpected insights. To connect with your deepest inner source, your truest desire.

When you step through the gate of the Vision Quest you step into an alternate consciousness. When you go into nature for a Vision Quest you will connect intensely with inner nature, simplicity and silence. Old memories will surface, so that they may be processed. You will face your fears. You’ll become aware of all that life has to offer. You’ll (re)discover the essence of your existence and how you can live your soul’s desire to the fullest. Silence, simplicity and acceptance will reside in you.

A Vision Quest is an intense rite of passage and it may well turn out to be the most radical experience of your life!

What will a Vision Quest bring?

• Initiation: you consciously bring closure to your present life and you open yourself to what the future may bring

• You take responsibility for the way you influence your surroundings

• You remember who you really are and what your purpose is here on earth

• You find your dream, your soul’s mission

• A clear vision as to how to realize your dreams and wishes

• You feel more powerful, stronger, and more centered

• You experience a healthy sense of freedom and independence when it comes to other people’s opinions, be they positive or negative

• A clear image of your personal contribution in these times of change and transformation

• A deep experience and knowledge of the interconnectedness of everything and every being, and with these the insight that we are all truly equal. (Subconscious) judgements are seen in a different light.

• Your new connection with the grand total, nature, your surroundings and the people around you incite your capacity to contribute effectively to the future sustainability of your organization’s services and/or products. In this way you will help ensure the continuity and progress of your organization.

Our offer:

We love to take you with us out of the chaos, tension and pressure of our present-day society on a journey into the unknown. We’ll accompany you and we’ll assist you with your preparations on all levels (practical, emotional, spiritual and soul-level). We’ll help you to achieve clarity in relation to why and to what purpose you are willing to undertake this Quest with compassion and space for you and your unique path in life. We’ll always be near. And we’ll wait for you when you receive your vision and return…

For this Quest you and seven others (at most) will form a group. We will connect with each other and we’ll fine-tune the connections so that we can work together on form and content of this Vision Quest. The journey into nature and your spot will be as important as the stay itself. You will take leave from those you love (family, friends, colleagues) and thus prepare yourself for your journey. When the group has been established, we’ll form this Vision Quest together based on your wishes and soul’s desire. Our task is to balance the feminine feeling and being with the masculine directing and manifesting during this process.

The journey will start with a day of preparation with all involved, participants and facilitators. We invite you to be fully present and open yourself for the process. We are in close contact with local inhabitants of the areas that we use in Spain, Portugal and Sweden. This ensures a free and easy arrival.

Program summary:

• Personal intake and Preparation Day, some weeks before the Vision Quest

Vision Quest Week:

• Day 1 and 2: Voyage and arrival on base camp
• Day 3-6: Four days and four nights solo in nature
• Day 7: return to base camp
• Day 8: integration, hike and lunch in the area
• Day 9: Return trip

• Integration Day some weeks after the Vision Quest

For more information mail to welkom@toekomstvormers.nl


Deze activiteit is al voorbij
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