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Geert Graveland
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Geert Graveland
Professional Training & Coaching

Geert Graveland


Geert is an inspiring man who combines depth and effectiveness when it comes to coaching, training, in company courses and strategical sessions. His sense of humor is infectious. Next to his formal education he draws upon the best from ‘the West’ (analysis, models and structures) and ‘the East’ (emotional, spiritual, physical, mindful). Geert speaks in a palpable and convincing way based on his wide experience.

He is confrontational in a light and yet clear manner. Combines a very personal and accessible style with a practical, down-to-earth approach. He knows how to access that which is needed in the moment and he is flexible when it comes to programs and approaches. He gives himself completely and is not afraid to integrate issues from his personal life into the learning process. This ensures a feeling of safety and a sense of freedom in the participants that facilitates them to say and do what is necessary to get ahead and stay on the move.

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